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Van Ray

January 2015

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    Officer Van Ray was a UC in the LAPD. That was until his partner Andrea, was gunned down while on a case the two had been working for several months. Under investigation, Van was approached by Lieutenant Billie Chambers, who was the leading officer of a special undercover division of the LAPD, known as The Candy Store. In order the clear his name, and find his partners killer, Lieutenant Chambers gave Van a proposal. To go deep undercover, deeper than any officer ever had. To give up his badge and live a life of crime, 24/7. The Candy Store had a large added perk. "What we seize we keep. What we keep we use." Everything The Candy Store had to offer came from some perp that thought they where too smart for the back of a squad car. Money, cars, name it. If it was taken at the time of arrest, it was at their disposal.
    From that moment, there was no longer an "Officer Van Ray." Now, he would be known by Van Strummer. A background was built using any connections that could be found to the criminal underground of LA. And it didn't take long for him to fall into place. He was good at playing the roll. He was a good lire. Too good. But it was something that he would have to eventually get used to.
    But what Van didn't know, was how soon he would meet his future partner, Detective Dequon Hayse of the NYPD. Deq was Andrea's younger brother. A former LA gang banger, Deq cleaned himself up and moved to New York, where he eventually joined the NYPD, and had made a name for himself. But finding out his brother had been killed, snapped something in him, and it didn't take long for him to find his way back to his gang roots in LA. Going off of the only lead he had, Deq went after Van, unaware who he really was.
    After a confrontation in a hotel room with Van, and a small stay in a local jail cell, Deq was also offered an opportunity to work for The Candy Store on temporary terms, helping Van to find his brothers killer. While the two where far from friends, despite Van's attempt at getting to know his new partner better, they did work well as a team. And that team work helped them to bring Andrea's killer to justice, however, it was the kind of justice that was met with a bullet. And Van let the girl who fired the bullet, get away.
     Because of the work that the two did working the case, they where brought on full time with The Candy Store division, working as partners. They have solved every case they have worked up to this point, even if they had to bend and at some points, break the rules to get the job done. Van has even had to work with his criminal father, a man that used to be one of the best counter fit bill makers in the country, in order to make a case. And with the poor relationship that he has with his father, it was not an easy task.

    Currently, Deq has had to head back to New York. The captain he had left when he transferred to The Candy Store, was gunned down. The suspects are apart of a local gang he had brought down not long before he left. Knowing more about them than any other, he was asked to take some time to come back and help with the case, and with Billie's blessing he did. Van was more than ready to wrap up the lose ends of the case they had been working, but wasn't expecting what would come across Billie's desk next....

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